After School Art Camp


Welcome to Artisan Alley After School Art Camp. Our department provides after school art instruction for the children of Bloomington.

Our Mission

The mission of the Artisan Alley After School Camp is to provide artistic support and enrichment for school-age children seeking a creative outlet by establishing a stimulating educational environment.

About the Programs

There has been a de-emphasis of art education in schools. Our aim is to offer unique perspectives from professional artists and hands-on work in mediums not commonly offered in schools.
The Afterschool program serves children ages 5-16. Our “Lil’ Crafters” are in the 5-9 age range, and the “Talented Teens” are in the 10-16 age range. Monday through Thursday we have a daily rotating arts programming, for the Taalented Teens and hard and soft skills for ther Lil’ Crafters, however as your child learns more and grows into more of their skills, you can move up in the age group. On Fridays we invite local artists and Artisan Alley Members to come in to share their life experiences and to teach a unique lesson.

Times & Hours

Our standard program takes place Monday through Friday from 3 pm to 6pm and can go to 7 pm for our Afterhours Program subscribers.


We strive to keep costs low for parents, while also making sure that the quality of our program is high. Hiring experienced and liscenced instructors, keeping safe care as a priority, and giving kids ongoing training, a creative outlet and finished projects to bring home to family, together creates an an amazing value that we beleive are the building blocks of success.
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The After School Camp will be hosted at our M.A.D.E. Classroom space at 222 West 2nd Street Bloomington, IN 47403 location inside Artisan Alley. We are right across from the Seminary Square Kroger next to the B-Line trail.


Artisan Alley staff will walk students from schools to our classroom location, if other transportation cannot be provided. Students within the same school district may be able to get transported by the school bus line, but further distances may need their guardians to provide transport. All Guardians and Parents are responsible for pick up from the program.

After Hours

The after hours is an extension option from 6 pm to 7 pm for more flexibility for participating families. Families are asked to sign up ahead of time for this resource before student attends, for the day. This option comes as an additional costs.

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