Become an Instructor

Interested in becoming an instructor for art or craft classes?

Artisan Alley has an array of classes and programs that we could use instructors for! To apply for positions other than a summer camp instructor, click here

Community Craft Classes:
Our Community Craft Classes are crafting workshops that we host in the community once a month. The locations we visit can range from coffee shops to restaurants and more!

Art Happy Hour:
These classes are also focused on the community, but are focused on adults only! These classes will take place at locations such as Upland Brewing Co.’s Woodshop and Cardinal Spirits. The things taught in these classes can use recycled bottles, palettes, etc.

Summer Classes:
Artisan Alley is hosting Summer classes in June and July of 2019. The classes will take place in three sessions with three different age groups being taught. We are looking for instructors to teach a variety of interesting, attention capturing activities to suit children and teens ages 5-17. The younger age groups will be expected to be taught something different every day, while the older age groups will be expected to complete a project in the two week time period allotted. Click here for the instructor application.