MADE is a resource space of Artisan Alley, run by staff, artisans, licensed teachers, students, and volunteers. They are endlessly inspired by the creativity, joy, and imagination of children and community artists. Artisan Alley uses this space mostly as a classroom or workspace for their members, but also provide programming for children and the community. They recently decided to supplement their programming with teaching opportunities and camps for kids in the Bloomington Community, all the while maintaining a community art studio. Artisan Alley was given one of life’s greatest opportunities, to learn from, and share knowledge between children and creative professionals. MADE emerged from this newfound passion and reflects Artisan Alley’s hope in creating a studio that is inviting, engaging, and accepting of all levels of experience. 

MADE is our Classroom and Co-Work space located inside of our W 2nd St. location. This location is what we call our “Artisan Mini-Mall.” The resident artists that fill the space have open studios that they use as small storefronts, creating the Mini-Mall atmosphere that we are so proud of! Inside MADE you will find a barbershop, a spiritual center, live glassblowing, a gallery, fine artists, and so much more.

Classroom & Co-Work

Our co-work space is a fun space for all to create! Our member artists utilize this co-work space for free, and non-members can buy a day pass for $20/day. The space includes craft supplies, tables and chairs, a photography lightbox, and more amenities for our artists.

Interested in renting out our classroom for your event, gathering or workshop? It’s simple!

Fill out our Independent Instructor Class Proposal Application, meet with our venue coordinator and pay a deposit to secure the space. Renters or Artisan Alley members are provided with free marketing on our social media outlets for their event.

Learn more about our classroom space by clicking here.