Artisan Alley is so proud to announce that our federal nonprofit status should be coming in very soon! This is something that Artisan Alley has been working toward for over a year. With this change in status, though, we have had to make some changes to our businesses and the way they run.

What was originally the Made Shop at 222 W 2nd St. is now a Co-Work and Classroom space. We are still showing art from our local member artists, but purchasing those items will have to go through the artist themselves and not our shop. This space opens the doors for so many people in the community who want to teach their craft, but can’t afford other places or simply don’t know where to go! To learn more about our Classroom Rentals, click here!

Twisted- Alt Art Shop is also no longer going to do consignment and we are preparing it to be turned into an Art Lounge. This lounge will be a place for game tournaments, co-working, meeting clients, and relaxing. This lounge will be private for members unless there is a public event happening or is rented out to a member of the public. As with the Made Classroom space, we will still be displaying our members’ art for sale through the artist.

We’d like to thank everyone for supporting us through the changes, and we’d especially like to thank all of our members for going with the flow and rolling with every change we’ve put into affect! We are very thankful to the community for making this possible. We hope to be even more successful in 2019.