Space Rentals

Rent Our Classroom

Artisan Alley provides space rentals in our Flex Space and Classroom/Co-Work Space. Interested in renting out our classroom for your event, gathering or workshop? It’s simple! Fill out our application, meet with our venue coordinator and pay a deposit to secure the space. Renters or Artisan Alley members are provided with free marketing on our social media outlets for their event.

Rental Application
Our Classroom

What We Have to Offer

Consider the Made Classroom for your next event to enjoy amenities like:

  • Craft supplies
  • 900 Sqft of space
  • Space for 25 seated guests
  • Space for 40+ standing
  • 1 private ADA accessible, and 2-non ADA bathrooms
  • One water fountain
  • Chairs and tables available upon request
  • Sound system available for rent



Normal rental hours occur between 10:00 am – 10:00 pm by appointment only

Rental Rates

(Half-Day equals 4-6 hours, Full Day is 7-24 hours rental)

Day of Week- Half Day Rate/Full Day Rate
Sunday $100 / $200
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday $75 / $150
Friday, Saturday $100 / $200
Weekly – $600

Fee Schedule

The following are fees charged for moving /using specific items in the space: Stage $200
Sound system $200 – must hire sound engineer, additional $200
Custom Lights $250
The following are fees charged if these are found in the space: Alcohol $200 Smoking $200

To learn more about our Flex Space/Dimensions Gallery Venue, please click here.

Terms and Conditions

a. Deposits are per event, not per day. An event is a one-off occurrence or a run of a show.
b. Deposits are due and will be deposited at the M.A.D.E. space seven (7) days prior to the beginning date of the event or run of show.
c. Deposits are not credited towards the rental payment.
d. Damages, additional charges and unpaid rental fees will be taken out of the deposit. Charges from the fire department due to false alarms will also come from the deposit.
e. Settlement of the deposit will take place within ten (10) days of the event ending to the contact name and address on the contract, as long as all terms and conditions of the contract have been honored by renter.
f. Deposit fees are one to two hundred dollars ($100-200) per event without food and drink depending on the number of people in attendance, or three hundred dollars ($300) per event with food and drink.