Summer Classes

Summer Classes at Artisan Alley.
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Artisan Alley has a range of classes and workshops that happen on a regular basis. For more information about our classes, you can see more information about our classes on our Artisan Alley Website. You can take or teach a class in our 222 W 2nd St. space! 

Artisan Alley will be hosting summer classes at our 222 W 2nd St. location in June-July. These classes will have different projects each week or two week session with the classes tailored to each age group.

The class will take place in three age groups: 5-8 years, 9-12 years, and 13-16 years. Each class will have different instructors, and the older group will have a project to complete by the end of the session while the younger age groups will be given different tasks to complete each day to keep interest.

These classes take place in three two week sessions as follows:
June 3-14
June 24-July 5
July 15-26

These classes cost $18/day and we will be giving away one scholarship for each class session. The scholarship application can be found by clicking here. To sign your child up for the summer classes, click here.

If you’re interested in becoming an instructor for these summer classes, you can make $400-$600 per class session! Our instructor application can be found by clicking here.